The Story behind Piano Rock Vermouth

The Story behind Piano Rock Vermouth

Tamborine Mountain is a melting pot of artisanal creativity in the food and beverage space, and we’ve engaged in a number of collaborative ventures with fellow producers over the years. This project, jointly supported by award winning winemaker Jon Heslop of Witches Falls Winery, was to create some unique Australian interpretations of the classic wine-based aperitif, Vermouth.

Vermouth is technically a fortified wine that is both flavoured and aromatised using a range of traditional herbs, barks, spices and fruits. It’s history somewhat is contested between the French and Italians, but most agree the more modern versions (enjoyed for recreation rather than medicine) were first produced in the mid-to-late 18th century in Turin, Italy. The name Vermouth comes from the German word ‘Wermut’ meaning Wormwood, one of the key flavouring and bittering ingredient in Vermouth.  In can made sweet or dry, and found in white, rose, and red variants.


Some words from our Head Distiller Darren:

Why Vermouth? Well, I couldn’t find a quality Queensland producer of this important cocktail staple, and to be honest, I’m not overly impressed with the imported Vermouth which tastes lifeless and dull. We wanted to create vibrant, fruit forward, curious expressions that were equally at home served neat, with a mixer or soda, or in a cocktail of your choice. In our secret recipe we used lashings of traditional herbs, local mountain fruits and exotic spices to make a range of Vermouths that are as unique and creative as the community we share.


Piano Rock is an iconic Tamborine Mountain landmark highlighting both the wonders of natural geology and the unique personality of our region.


Piano Rock Vermouth

About our artist for our Piano Rock Vermouth label:


 Leo Herryrgers


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